Top Seller: Stained Glass Barrettes

One of the Top Selling wholesale items are the Stained Glass Barrettes. Of course they are! Great product, great colors, great price!

We make these in a variety of sizes and color themes which buyers select. The barrettes in each color group are always “assorted” to assure variety to your shop’s barrette collectors! Wholesale buyers will get a different variety each time they order. More barrettes = more variety = more sales!

Color Groups included (but are not limited to: Pastel Swirls, Bright Swirls, Pastel Solids, Bright Solids, Neutral, Black & White, Cool Colors, Hot Colors, Earth Colors, Blues, Greens, Royal Colors… and more. Sizes are small (1.75″, medium (2.5″), and large (3.5″).

We also feature dichroic barrettes and dangle earrings in our shops!

Qualified buyers may follow these links to shop wholesale.


WHOLESALE on Tundra:

RETAIL shoppers can see what is in stock in our Amazon Handmade Barrette Selection. Or, if you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us. Just know, our glass inventory is always changing, so many of our barrettes are one-of-a-kind. Let’s talk….

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